Sunday, March 18, 2007


The Ashman had an altercation with the footpath when a gutter jumped up and crashed his bike. The bike is ok and the scrapes on Ashley’s hands and knees will heal. But ouch!

Decreed by the goddess on 03/18 at 12:55 AM
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  • sushi (Tokyo) offered on 07/03/18 at 07:37 AM.....

    BIG OUCH!! This is my hugest fear zooming around Tokyo on my rusty pink bike.

    Sending quick healing vibes!

  • the goddess offered on 07/03/18 at 10:51 AM.....

    I have fallen off a few times myself - mainly on the gutters as they are higher than you think and you have to approach them at the right angle. 

    My bike is a rusty blue mama-chari.  I love my bike.  The Ashman is on a super cool mountain bike thingy.

  • j-ster (adelaide) offered on 07/03/18 at 06:51 PM.....

    Oooo, I hope that all heals up soon lil bro, looks nasty!

  • Barbara Northcott offered on 07/03/18 at 09:29 PM.....

    Hope it mends quickly so you can hold a cold tinnie easily.

  • MJD-S (Japan) offered on 07/03/19 at 12:29 AM.....


    ow ow ow ow ow…. gone all funny just thinking about my last accident…. odaiji ni Ashster!

  • the goddess offered on 07/03/19 at 01:21 AM.....

    He thinks the scrape looks a bit like a tiger…  it is fairly ferocious nonetheless.  It is drying up now but still it hurts and his shoulder is still sore from the muscles he pulled.

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