Chronicles of Mediatinker 1:1-4

1:1 In the beginning, a storm on the slopes of Mt Olympus threatened consumer electronics and sent the worshipful running for shelter.

1:2 The fury of the storm lashed out, striking a 0G battery brick

1:3 So the Keitai Goddess sprung forth fully formed from the spitting sparks and flame

1:4 And the worshipful wept for delight.

Book of Zous 2:12-14

2:12 Her benevolence spread to the four corners of the earth on GSM and PHS bands.

2:13 We worship her through pre-paid phones and SIM cards

2:14 And she gives grace via smart phones on the G3 networks of the world.

Book of Colophon 3:19-20

3:19 The Keitai Goddess vision is realised through the assistance of the Design Deity at souzouzone

3:20 And her gospel spreads through the writings of the faithful who leave their offerings here.

Note to those leaving comments

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