Picking his future
Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tradition at first birthday of carrying a “whole life’s”  worth of rice on his back - 10 gô or about 3kgs . It is a clever play on words in japanese.  (He really did have 3kg of mochi on his back)
Then he had to choose his future from 3 paper options. He chose to be a writer from the other two options of business or wealth.


This is a very interesting tradition and for a good explanation, see this link here. Japonophile - First birthday traditions.  Explains it much better than I could. 

Still looking for a good link about the choosing profession - there were three cards - one with a brush (writer), one with money (wealth - undefined origin) and an abacus (business professional)

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  • Barbara Northcott offered on 09/04/15 at 07:02 PM.....

    It is so reassuring that Ethan is able to embrace the traditions of his culture. He may not know about it all right now, but for the family unit, I think it is commendable. Barbara

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