Morsbag pod gathering
Sunday, July 01, 2007


Sachiko shows off our bag production. We are the TokyoBags!

Edit:  I meant to give some more background to this eco-bag production movement called Morsbags.  Kristen over at MediaTinker (and head of the TokyoBags Pod) has mentioned this a few times now, most recently yesterday after our sewing day.  She has even posted her modified pattern for all the world to use.

The idea behind this worldwide, grassroots, community project is to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags that end up in water-ways causing trouble and death to wildlife.  Check out the Morsbags Site for full details and start your own sewing pod or if you are in Tokyo join ours. We spend the afternoon, cutting, sewing, ironing, chatting, snacking and drinking wine. We are also taking donations of any old sheets, pillow-cases, fabric, futon covers, table-cloths etc as these are remade into these fun and colourful shopping bags that we are planning to give out around Tokyo - probably around local supermarkets.  This is a totally non-commercial and volunteer project. 

I have been carrying around my own shopping bag in my handbag for a while now.  Most shops are fine when you tell them you don’t want a bag. Still a way to go in Japan - the land of overpackaging everything. 

I am sure we are going to cause a few strange looks when we start to give out free bags to strangers….  but am also giving them out to friends so let me know if you want one and I will give one to you next time I see you.  They are all free of course and it is estimated that each bag will reduce the number of discarded plastic bags by hundreds each year.

Edit - turning off comments for this post as it is being targeted by slime-ball spammers..  damn I hate them so much!!  Sorry for the inconvenience.  “Slap a spammer today!”

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  • Taro at (Slums of Denenchofu) offered on 07/07/01 at 06:57 PM.....

    Some context for backpack-only, nort americanos… has started in the UK and is spreading around the world. It involves making shopping bags out of recycled, unwanted material and handing them out for free. It is known as ‘sociable guerilla bagging’.

  • the goddess offered on 07/07/01 at 11:09 PM.....

    Plus it is a heap of fun.We have a templates etc so it takes about 20 minutes to make each bag..  easy. 

    I have cleaned out my cupboards of all the fabric that I was planning to use for “something” but never quite sure what.  Most of it I bought at Salvation army anyway.

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