Happy Birthday Koala Boy
Monday, June 25, 2007


Richard’s Birthday @ Salt
We decided he was like a Koala.
sleeps all day
always drunk
just without the Chlamydia!

Decreed by the goddess on 06/25 at 08:15 AM
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Tags: birthdaycongratulationsfamilyrichard

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  • Dave (Tokyo) offered on 07/06/25 at 09:35 AM.....

    erm… who doesn’t have the Chlamydia? Richard or the panda? (do pandas even get chlamydia?)

  • the goddess offered on 07/06/25 at 10:54 AM.....

    Richard doesn’t have it (well not that he knows). Koalas have a form of Chlamydia that has caused lots of problems for the population.  I do not know much about pandas.

  • Kristen offered on 07/06/25 at 04:51 PM.....

    Happy birthday, Richard! You make a cute koala. (I’ve never seen the hand gestures to form a koala before - they are wonderful)

  • Dave (Tokyo) offered on 07/06/25 at 06:06 PM.....

    One learns new things every day… damn koalas and their promiscuous ways…
    (and I just realized I wrote panda instead of koala… wrong cuddly bear-like animal… I know, koalas aren’t bears)

  • Barbara Northcott offered on 07/06/25 at 08:24 PM.....

    Koals are not cute and cuddly. One ex-Prime Minister was cuddling a koala as a promotion gimmick and copped a stream of urine rather than a caress. I sure hope Richard doesn’t follow that format! Sorry for the comparisons that have been made, Richard, but Mummy Koalas think their baby is the BEST! Love you, Mum

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