Little bit of Australia in Tokyo
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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BBQThis Saturday 27 May 2006, I am helping to organise the Australia Society Annual BBQ as I do every year.  It is a heap of fun to organise plus the other volunteers on the committee are great folk.
If you are in Tokyo this weekend, I would recommend that you get a ticket soon as we usually sell out and come along. Everybody is welcome - it is a sensational night - heaps of amazing food, australian wine and COOPERS Beer to keep the Ashman happy.

Details on tickets etc from the Australia Society Events Page
Otherwise watch this space for my moblogs live from the event.

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  • yugyug offered on 06/12/13 at 10:28 PM.....

    I googled “Australian Beer in Tokyo” and I found this - I’ve been in Japan for a year now and I am craving for Coopers beer! Where can I find it?

  • the goddess offered on 06/12/13 at 11:51 PM.....

    Ah the wonderful Coopers - well it is available in a few places. Costco (in Chiba) bulk supermarket, Nissen Supermarket in Azabu and I think a few places in kichijoji.

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