Got Crabs?
Friday, June 02, 2006


Crab legs from Hokkaido on a plate. The chopsticks are to give perspective on the size. Am scared to think of the size of the beast that this leg was attached to.

Decreed by the goddess on 06/02 at 06:17 AM
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Tags: bbqcrabsfoodhugeyum

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  • Matti offered on 06/06/02 at 04:35 PM.....

    Perhaps you should look at this. The picture halfway down, innocuous as it seems frightens the **** out of me. Factoid : “span of 12 feet….”

  • felix offered on 06/06/03 at 11:33 AM.....

    Hokkaido crabs seem to be related to snow crabs and Alaskan king crabs: all the meat is in the legs, and with the puny little body not offering anything worth eating. As with guys driving big cars, they tend to hide a small body part.

    Personally, Jasmine and I prefer the yumminess of Dungeness crabs (meat everywhere). Next time you are Stateside, we’ll take you out for a dungeness feast!

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