Fasters fix
Sunday, July 27, 2008


Clear vegie broth, wheatgrass juice, water and suppliments. We all carry our suppliments around with us in little baggies and line up in the mornings for our detox drinks like a bunch of junkies in rehab.

Decreed by the goddess on 07/27 at 02:40 AM
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  • Kristen offered on 08/07/27 at 08:04 PM.....

    It is all-you-can-drink broth and juice?

  • Barbara Northcott offered on 08/07/27 at 10:59 PM.....

    I could not survive one day, let alone a week. Hope it makes you feel good though.Mum

  • the goddess offered on 08/07/28 at 04:48 AM.....

    2 bowls of clear vegie soup, 2 coconut waters, 1 carrot juice, 2 wheatgrass shots.

    But really it is hard to drink all this stuff when you are also having 5 benotite shakes a day.  It is a very busy schedule - too busy to get hungry.  (This after 2 days only)

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