Tanabata wishes
Saturday, July 09, 2005

This was my fave! Translation “I want to become good at sex!”

Decreed by the goddess on 07/09 at 08:11 PM
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  • Kelly offered on 08/06/25 at 06:56 PM.....

    I wish for Ichigo and Orihime to have a wonderful 2nd reunion, and when KT decides to make them an official couple, I hope pray have at least 7 beautiful babies! <333

  • Katrina (Washington State) offered on 08/06/25 at 07:39 PM.....

    I wish for Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime from the Kubo Tite manga “Bleach” to become a canon couple before the year 2008 is over.

  • Kimber offered on 08/06/26 at 01:40 AM.....

    I wish for Inoue Orihime to confess her love to Kurosaki Ichigo’s face, whe he is awake!Also he won’t reject her!

  • Frankdarko offered on 08/06/26 at 10:45 AM.....

    I wish Ichigo and Orihime will be together.. soon!

  • Strawberrylover (Lisbon) offered on 08/06/26 at 01:37 PM.....

    we portuguese people wish Ichigo Kurosaki and Inoue Orihime together and hot sex in the bath too : D

  • Fenrir offered on 08/06/27 at 12:29 PM.....

    I wish goodwill to all the chicks and guys out on this board so they can get laid on Tanabata. :-D

  • AlGa (AltairxVega shipper) offered on 08/06/27 at 12:35 PM.....

    We, Inhabitants Of Earth, wish for Kurosaki-kun Ichigo and Inoue “boobs”  Orihime (as affectionately nicknamed by some asian people) from the Kubo Tite manga “chemical agent for laundry” to engage in copulatory act in order to spawn many orange-haired cowherds.
    We would wish for world peace, but we heard ichihime cures cancer anyway.

  • Kitsuru offered on 08/06/27 at 11:09 PM.....

    I wish for Ichigo to realize how Orihime feels about him, and for them to have a happy (if somewhat crazy and insane) ending together. ^.^

  • the goddess offered on 08/06/28 at 11:09 AM.....

    To all the commentors on this post, I hope you know that I cannot, in fact, grant you any wishes. Especially in regards to fictional characters in a manga series. 

    But I am happy that you stopped by anyway. 

    The Goddess

  • Kelly offered on 08/06/28 at 10:22 PM.....

    I can’t find your e-mail address to tell you personally, but I wanted to thank you for not scolding us for making our wishes here. smile **bows**  We know you can’t really make them come true; it’s just a silly thing we do every year to celebrate our favorite couple, so once again, thank you very much!  :D

  • Alice offered on 08/06/29 at 06:05 AM.....

    Kelly, do you know this entry was posted in 2005? Also, this is a personal weblog and not a wishmaking board. :/ It would be good enough to apologize for your mistake instead of saying this is really something you guys are doing every year to unsuspecting bloggers. :/

  • Kelly offered on 08/06/29 at 10:24 AM.....

    I believe a friend gave us the link to an *official* wishing site last year, so when I saw this, I knew it wasn’t official but it looked cute anyway. (I didn’t actually realize it was a blog until later…but I didn’t really think it mattered all too much; I guess that was my first mistake)  If this has really annoyed you, I’ll definitely tell my friends to quit bugging.  I’m so sorry for all the trouble!

  • the goddess offered on 08/06/29 at 09:44 PM.....

    To all the manga fans - you should try to find a real Tanabata festival where-ever you are in the world..  look via the local Japanese embassy or cultural group. Dress up in a Yukata and celebrate in style while making your wishes in traditional Japanese fashion.

    Tanabata is an amazing festival which I am sure you know the history, given the name of your fave heroine.  If you don’t, read up about Tanabata and take a look at photos from the Japanese festivals. 

    I will be going to a festival next week and I will post some photos on my blog. 

    I was surprised to see all of your wishes on this post.  I actually did some research into Bleach and your “couple”.  It was very cute - so of course I wasn’t going to scold you. 

    Have a great Tanabata - 7/7 and good luck for your Orihime and Ichigo!!

  • Starry offered on 08/07/05 at 10:12 PM.....

    I wish for Ichigo and Orihime of Bleach to be together! :D they definitely belong together! Woop woop! ^^

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