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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Paul takes the last dumpling. (Shourompou)

Decreed by the goddess on 08/10 at 07:07 AM
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  • Paul offered on 06/08/10 at 08:14 PM.....

    It was just sat there on it’s own. Nobody seemed to be interested in it so I just thought “I’ll have that”.
    Non of that polite Japanese style gotta leave the last piece for the food god stuff.
    Boy was that a mistake!
    It was like everyone had been waiting for this moment. Suddenly everyone was up in arms about it.
    How dare you take the last one! Cameras were being pointed at me. It was like a thief been caught red handed, but with the newspapers already there waiting.
    Won’t be doing that again. Nooooo…
    …learnt my lesson.

  • Barbara offered on 06/08/12 at 02:45 AM.....

    Maybe you needed to offer to divide it among ALL of the staff. If they wanted one more they could have got the “Boss” to pay for more.

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