Pizza Hut Pumpkin Pudding - Oh dear!!
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here is the photo that tempted me from the Pizza Hut Side order menu....
Pumpkin pudding
Yes that is a real pumpkin delivered straight to your door. It looked so odd I HAD to order it to see it for myself.

Yes it was a real pumpkin, perfectly shaped - albeit frozen solid. Some of the flesh had been scooped out and filled with pumpkin flavoured pudding.

The pudding itself was very odd - dry, pasty and not very sweet. It was very hard to get it out of the organic container and methinks the pumpkin itself was the only organic matter in the whole dessert. It claimed to be a caramel pumpkin pudding but basically it just made a good gimmick.

I just wonder how many pumpkins that Pizza Hut Japan purchased for this unusual dessert. Did they grow them in a special Pizza Hut battery pumpkin farm? How do they ensure they get the perfectly shaped ones? The mind reels.

Decreed by the goddess on 11/28 at 05:08 AM
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  • MJ offered on 06/11/28 at 09:39 PM.....

    Pity it wasn’t good - looks nifty!

  • Sar offered on 06/11/29 at 09:30 AM.....

    Motainai ne?

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