Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ethans first visit to the Shrine. His presentation to the gods. Today is a lucky day so lots of families with their newborns in the special outfits and capes.
@ Meiji jingu

Decreed by the goddess on 05/17 at 08:51 PM
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  • Kristen offered on 08/05/17 at 10:33 PM.....

    Wow, there are so many interesting cultural points to learn from our newly-minted families!

  • the goddess offered on 08/05/18 at 02:07 AM.....

    It was amazing as there were a heap of families there all doing the same thing.  The little outfits (basically a special childs kimono tied up around the grandmother and the child) are all rented - over the internet no less. Book them in advance and it is posted to you.  You return it by post after the event.

  • Barbara Northcott offered on 08/05/18 at 03:10 AM.....

    What an interesting an unique event. Like a Christening? Ethan cannot be seen very well in this photo because of all the wrapping. Barbara

  • the goddess offered on 08/05/26 at 01:02 AM.....

    It was a “presentation to the gods” rather than a christening. A truly Japanese experience involving dressing up, eating and paying money to the shrine.

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