Niijima survival kit
Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Michael, the local junior high school english teacher, modelling the standard issue disaster preparedness kit that is given to every islander. FAB!
@ Niijima

Decreed by the goddess on 05/02 at 04:23 AM
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  • Style'n Cannuck ("New Island") offered on 07/05/09 at 01:04 AM.....

    Yep!  The silver bag is full of life saving items that are standard issue to everyone (but lord knows how old they are)  My luck, mine was probably issued to my flat in 1942.  My lovely helmet is green for I live in the land of 5-chome.  Were I to reside in another area, I would have had the choice of purple, blue, yellow, pink or orange.  Being from Canadia, I of course wanted either red or white, but they are reserved for those destined for greatness I guess. 

    Had a great time with Tracey and the gang. 
    You are welcome always!


  • the goddess offered on 07/05/09 at 10:45 AM.....

    What items are included to be considered appropriately “survival prepared”?  Have you had a peek inside?

  • camping tourist offered on 09/10/31 at 04:57 PM.....

    glad you enjoyed the project-did you encounter in the desert?—if so can you report the date and location… Trickster continues to wander the SW with ‘her’ ice cream treats for all who cross her path—the last sighting reports we received of encounters came from a couple camping in the Desert about 50 clicks out of Elko Nevada
    camping tourist

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