How tacky is that doggy in the lobby? Woof, woof!!!
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Arrived home tonight to find this ceramic monstrosity in our apartment building lobby! And we were told that pets were forbidden!

Decreed by the goddess on 04/13 at 01:22 AM
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  • mjd-s offered on 06/04/13 at 12:34 AM.....

    Looks like an Arch Villian. Really needs a cape though…

  • Kristen offered on 06/04/14 at 02:44 AM.....

    I think you should dress it up. Make it a little red-cross hat and tie a barrel of whiskey around its neck.

    Or glue a pipe to its lips and put a book between its paws.

    Ah, the fun begins…

  • the goddess offered on 06/04/14 at 02:58 AM.....

    I think I should steal it and take pictures in various compromising poses and post them on the notice board. Or I could just make a different costume each week. Problem is that it is guarded by cameras in the lobby.

    I just can’t believe how UGLY this thing is.

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