(Still) Hot in the City!!
Friday, September 21, 2007




It has been hot in the city this week - last ditch effort of Summer I think.

So in an effort to hold on to the last of the heat, Araku is holding a Frozen Fruity Drink “BLEND OFF” event in Araku next Wednesday 26 September.  Ashley’s masterful Daiquiri stylings are being pitted against the Frozen Margarita skills of Sarah - a Margarita Specialist.  But my money is on Ashley to create the most fabulous cocktails. 

Come see for yourself. 
Date:  Wednesday 26 September 2007
Cost:  ¥3,000 all the frozen cocktails can drink*
Time:  8pm - midnight (Cash bar after that)

*Other drinks at normal bar prices.  No cover charge for participants.

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  • Barbara Northcott offered on 07/09/22 at 02:31 AM.....

    Great looking photos of cool drinks. Hope they tatse as delicious as they look. Mum

  • sushi zume (Tokyo) offered on 07/09/24 at 03:31 AM.....

    What a FABULOUS party idea!
    Oooooohhhh if only Thursday was a holiday - I would be there with bells on (my fingers and toes!!)
    Those drinks look amazing!
    And how does one become a a Margarita Specialist??? I really took the wrong electives at uni!

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