Free English lessons!
Friday, July 11, 2008


Shinjuku station - East exit on a busy Friday afternoon.
A large group of Americans with signs offering 5 minute English conversations for free - but there is a catch!  After discussing a few matters like movies or hobbies, there will be a discussion about christianity and how Japanese people need God in their lives! 
I just hope it doesnt encourage the masses to start wanting English lessons from anybody with a foreign face or worse, make people think that all foreigners are trying to force something down their throats.

Decreed by the goddess on 07/11 at 03:33 AM
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  • Dave (Tokyo) offered on 08/07/11 at 11:52 AM.....

    Woa… I saw these guys with signs and also wondered what the catch was (I figured there was no way the average FOTB English teacher wouldn’t have that sort of bilingual sign)...
    Indeed… the whole “Have you accepted Jesus as your personal saviour” thing…

  • the goddess offered on 08/07/11 at 11:36 PM.....

    I think they have come out for a “crusade” over the Summer and are certainly well organised.  The individuals looked and acted FOTB but their signs and booklets were fully translated. The signs said they were sponsored by a church.  I didn’t stop long enough to find the name of the church to see if it was local or in the US. 

    They attracted my attention as I first saw two men close to the fruit shop and I thought they were trying to nampa as they were jumping out in front of people (lots of girls) and putting the little paper sign in their faces. That is why I asked them what their story was. I was about to get mad at them for trying to pick up chicks with such a lame approach. 

    A bit later on, I was headed to the station, I saw the core group of around 20 of them.  I hadn’t seen them en masse at first - just the two guys by the fruit shop.

  • karen offered on 08/07/12 at 08:33 AM.....

    Thats what the catch is then… hmmm…. There were lots gathering outside Ikebukuro station too

  • whalecurry (Tokyo) offered on 08/07/16 at 05:00 AM.....

    The levels Christians will stoop to never cease to amaze me. Looks like the only thing you could possibly learn off that woman is how to dress yourself without an ounce of fashion.

  • the goddess offered on 08/07/17 at 02:32 AM.....

    I think that is a man!!  Frightening really!!

  • whalecurry (Tokyo) offered on 08/07/17 at 05:45 AM.....

    Ooops my mistake. I guess he just reminds me of most of the nuns at my sunday school.

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