Flying fish for dinner!
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A first for me. Was yummy! @ Shikinejima

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Decreed by the goddess on 05/02 at 03:50 AM
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  • Barbara offered on 06/05/03 at 08:10 PM.....

    You used to dislike fish because of the bones. Did these have bones? Who caught them? Ashley or you or did you buy them? Dad caught lots of bream (7 legal sized) and 1 flathead on Sunday. Zoe took home 4 fish and we were able to give 2 to Mum and to eat the rest.

  • the goddess offered on 06/05/05 at 05:35 AM.....

    This had lots of bones. My maturing palette has managed to overlook the bones to enjoy the meat. We went to a local restaurant for this meal - turned out to be average and decided that our camp-fare was much better.

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