Ellie, Niket and me
Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chinzan-so Park
Originally uploaded by ash-man.

Blogging this from the Ashman’s flickr mainly because I like this photo (thanks Niket for a great day) but also because I am not able to post from my keitai due to a WP plug-in error.  I think it started as I suffered a SPAM-bot attack and then other WP errors just pulled down the site.

Well, I am back to semi-digital mode and not mo-blogging for a while.  I feel like I have just gone back to 2003… I should be back mo-blogging soon when I can figure out a good solution to this dilemna.

[Edit - comments closed due to spam attack. ]

Decreed by the goddess on 12/16 at 11:10 AM
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  • Sar offered on 06/12/17 at 12:41 AM.....

    How annoying T.  I was wondering where you were.  I didn’t realise you were back in 2003.  If I’d known I’d have called Megs ans we could have gone to Ben’s for breakfast.

  • felix offered on 06/12/19 at 10:07 AM.....

    Ah.  No wonder.  Hopefully, the holiday gift-givers (I wanted to say Santa, but in this brave new PC world, I didn’t think I could) will bring you a fix.

    May I request a mini one-paragraph about your holidays if mo-blogging is still not working?  want to see how you are all the way from the other side of the world….

  • the goddess offered on 06/12/20 at 12:00 AM.....

    Well I am still working until around the 26th of Dec.  Then we are headed up to Hokkaido for 12 days of skiing - yay - playing in the white stuff.

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