Diving in Saipan
Monday, July 10, 2006

Diving Duo with Fish

Originally uploaded by me.

This is the first time the Ashman and I had tried diving.  We went to a PADI certified dive club and booked an Introduction to Diving course.  This was a single dive from the shore with lessons beforehand.
Verdict = fantastic!!

Sure we were only in less than 3 metres of water and we could have stood up at anytime but the fish were gorgeous and it was a fun new challenge in a new environment. We want to go again and get the full certification.

After the initial land-lubber lessons of breathing techniques, clearing regulators, communication hand signals and safety briefing, we were in the shallows for in-water training. Then when our intructor Allen was satisfied with our understandings of the basics we went into the slightly deeper water for some fish feeding. I leaned that fish and eels like to eat canned sausages… of course!!!

We took an underwater camera with us so there are lots of photos on flickr in the Saipan album under with the “diving” tag.

Did I say that I loved diving!!!

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  • Roger (Egypt) offered on 08/02/23 at 12:50 PM.....

    Glad to see more and more people trying diving and getting hooked! smile

    Give Egypt a try it’s one of the BEST places in the world!!!!

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