Cute much!
Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Me loves my kitty!

Decreed by the goddess on 06/17 at 03:41 AM
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Tags: catscutehomelove

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  • Barbara Northcott offered on 09/06/18 at 10:31 AM.....

    Still able to relax after nearly escaping while I was looking after her. What a nightmare of an event. Mum

  • MJD-S offered on 09/06/18 at 11:10 AM.....

    She plotting destruction though! Don’t be deceived!

  • the goddess offered on 09/06/18 at 01:50 PM.....

    We got both screen doors replaced a few weeks ago. She can never escape again.  But we may move soon to a pet friendly apartment so we can bring her out of hiding. I am too paranoid.

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