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Friday, August 25, 2006

Have noticed a few issues with the postie plug-in with WP.  It seems that if I post something from my mobile phone and there is certain punctuation marks in the subject line the post just disappears into the ether.  Things like quotation marks or apostrophes in the subject line just will not post..  took me ages to figure it out.  I am guessing it is just a bug but it was kinda a bother for me as I do try to use correct Engrish. 
So there were a heap of camping posts that were not posted until now.  Posts like Miss Pixie’s fab choc-chip banana pancakes and Kristen’s s’mores and Richard’s indoor BBQ from hanabi..  mmm a food theme emerging here.  But they are great photos and I am sure that my viewing audience will enjoy them - all three of you.

The other issue that is really “getting up my goat” are these damned 500 Server Errors. The error log won’t say what has caused this but seem to be every second time I do something in the admin area.  not sure if they are host or WP issues…  any bright suggestions would be greatly appreciated by myself and my very talented yet overworked webmaster
Spent a heap of time lately cleaning up the tags and tag cloud so it is up to date and comprehensive for checking out the archives. Enjoy.

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  • mjd-s offered on 06/08/26 at 01:00 AM.....

    Well all file permissions are correct so it’s not that… next is looking at the plugins…

    Plus right now all my sites on distalzou are down so there is a lag with the japanbloggers site causing things to slow a little…

  • j-ster offered on 06/08/26 at 01:09 AM.....

    Yes, i wondered what was happening with the dissappearing blog posts, and the distalzou collective blogs, but i am patient, and in my patience, all things become good again. I off to look at the camping entries again!!!

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