Araku Birthday Party - Diary date
Friday, June 08, 2007


Yes it has really been 12 months.  Put this in your diary as it will be heaps of fun.  Also, Friday the 29th is the Ashman’s birthday.  It is a work night for my love puppet so please come along and help him celebrate in style. 

The party is on both the Friday and Saturday nights and will be “beer buster” style.  So that means you pay your entrance fee, get your


plastic cup, and just keep passing to me or the Ashman or other staff for refills - Beer, boxed wine, shou-chu and soft-drinks.  If you want any cocktails it is on an extra cash basis.  We will be making yummy platter food all night as well including lots of vegetarian selections for my newly vegan friends.  We expect this party to extend well into the daylight. 

(A special thanks to MJ for use of her photo on the flier.)

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  • Sar (Tokyo) offered on 07/06/08 at 05:31 AM.....

    OOOh.  Sounds great.  And potentially messy.  Fliers are fabulous!  I love Araku.  Keep the fire extinguishers under wraps! (Is it too early for for extinguishers jokes?)
    So far as I know Mr and I will be there.
    Love S.

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